Winter 2023/2024 Photo Competition

Welcome to the  WINTER photographic competition.  

Along with winning fantastic prizes  all competitions in ILOVEOXF will have ‘a helping charity’ element to them.

Our Theme for this season is Black & White. That is not to say that all pictures must be taken in Black and White (although we do love the dramatic look!), more that there should be a black and white theme or element to the picture.   It’s time to be creative !!

We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs and we really hope you’ll give it a go.   

You will also be helping our nominated children’s cancer charity – Joss Searchlight

Photographs can be any format – Landscape or Portrait and be Black and White or Colour.  

It would be wonderful to see some imaginative and challenging photos that really show off the harshness of the season.

We would ask that all pictures submitted are new, not published, not previously used in photographic competitions and haven’t been made commercially available. 

How to Enter

You can enter up to four photographs on the theme of Winter. You could shoot a landscape,  a nature shot or frankly anything that captures this time of year.  

Our theme is Black and White. We would like you to challenge yourself and to be imaginative. Maybe use a different angle or look out for unusual backgrounds or different ways of telling a story.

If your photograph features people we request that you get the necessary permissions before submitting the photograph.

Please give us as much information as you can, including what camera you used.


You don't need to be a master photographer for this and whilst having the right gear is fantastic, sometimes a picture taken with a phone can tell an amazing story. 

We need your details

Please provide as much information as you can with each picture i.e. Your Full name, where it was taken, the date and rough time and what type of equipment was used.

Mainly we would like a brief description and to know what caught your eye for the particular shot. 

You can use our contact page to ask us any questions but please DON’T submit photographs via the contact page as we have a 1.5mb limit on pictures submitted this way

All winners will be announced on 

Please note that entering this competition allows to use your photograph(s) on the site and to publicise the photographic competitions however and wherever it sees fit.

Photographs of people may require the photographer to get permission from the subject. If we feel that the picture is an invasion of privacy or in any way unpleasant we will not publish the photograph. I Love Oxfordshire will not be responsible if complaints are received from subjects and will pass these onto the photographer directly.

We would ask that all pictures submitted are new, not published, not previously used in photographic competitions and haven’t been made commercially available.  

If you are a professional photographer please advise us when submitting your photograph. Also please note that photographs that have previously been used in competitions, or have been commercially available or published on websites are not permitted. 

Some of the entries from last Winter

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