Dinner at The Kingham Plough

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The Kingham Plough pub is undoubtedly a gem in the heart of the Cotswolds. Kingham is a charming village, rated in the top most picturesque villages in the U.K.

The pub is pretty welcoming, rustic, yet with a touch of Farrow and Ball designer paintwork – shades of green compliment the wooden beams and the occasional sofa.

The staff at The Kingham Plough give a prompt and sort of friendly service. I say sort of, as it’s a bit matter of fact, to the point and there’s no hanging about. This is probably because it is a very busy place, but unlike some of my other reviews where the interactions with the waiting staff complement the meal I can’t say that of The Kingham Plough.

The menu is relatively short, which in my opinion is a good thing. On the evening we went, there were no specials so I can’t say whether they have specials or not. Readers will know I love a specials board; it implies freshness and spontaneity.

We had a selection of nibbles, including; sourdough bread and butter, Rarebit bites with an onion-based sauce and whitebait with Marie Rose sauce. They were okay. Apart from the bread, they were a bit oily, particularly the Rarebit bites, which I’m sure were meant to be crispy coated.

For mains I had Crab Linguine and my wife had Duck breast. The Duck was served with a confit leg and potato terrine that my wife said was the highlight.  I had a tiny taste and it was beautiful. The Linguine was okay, but I needed to add a lot of salt to bring out the flavour of the crab. At £22 for an average-sized bowl of pasta with crab flakes, it wasn’t the best value in my opinion.

The dessert offerings looked rather appealing, but pretty much all were quite indulgent on the cholesterol front. I realise that one doesn’t usually go out for a meal to be healthy or diet-conscious, but Cholesterol has become a bit of a problem for me lately. It would have been nice to see something like fresh fruit or frankly something without excess dairy.

All in all, it was an okay meal in a nice location, but not one of my favourites.


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