Piña Colada – a Holiday in a Glass

Piña Colada
...and some fruity twists

When it comes to Summer Cocktails the Piña Colada is often at the top of the list. Ok, so it may be a bit old fashioned and make you think of the 1980’s but there’s a reason its hung about so long. It’s a great cocktail.

Not just a holiday favourite, it’s actually quite a classic cocktail having been invented in 1957 in Puerto Rico. 

Piña Colada - Classic


50 ml White Rum

50 ml Coconut Cream

50 ml Pineapple Juice

10 ml Lime Juice

Crushed Ice

1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Pineapple Slice to Garnish


Pour all of the ingredients along with the crushed ice into a blender and blitz.

Serve in a medium tall glass and garnish with a thin wedge of pineapple

Coconut Cream or Cream of Coconut

Using Coconut cream, the product usually sold next to the tins of coconut milk in supermarkets, gives a much less sweet taste to this drink and is probably closer to the original creation.

Cream of Coconut is a completely different thing and gives a much sweeter taste.

If you’re not using the Vanilla Ice Cream you may want to try Cream of coconut instead. 

Piña Colada - Mango Twist


50 ml Bacardi Gold Rum

25 ml Coconut Cream

75 ml Pineapple Juice

25 ml Mango Juice

15 ml Galliano

Pineapple wedge or Slice of Mango to Garnish


Blitz all of the ingredients except the Galliano and ice in a blender.

Half fill a Hurricane Glass with ice and strain over the cocktail.

Trickle Galliano over.

Add Wedge of Pineapple or slice of Mango to garnish. 

Piña Colada -Float


50 ml Spiced Rum

50 ml Coconut Cream

50 ml Pineapple Juice

10 ml Lime Juice

Small handful of Crushed Ice

1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Sprite, (Lemonade or 7 Up)

Pineapple Slice to Garnish


If you have the time and inclination this is great served inside a hollowed out Pineapple. Cut a pineapple in half, scoop out all of the flesh to make two cups and use one as a glass.  Or for simplicity serve in a sundae glass.

Blitz all of the ingredients except the Sprite and the ice cream together.

Pour into a a Sundae glass or into your prepared pineapple.

Float ice cream on top

Top up to brim with Sprite (or lemonade or 7Up)

Add Wedge of Pineapple to garnish. Add a cocktail umbrella for that real holiday feeling. 

Piña Colada - Mimosa Twist


15 ml Coconut Rum

50 ml Pineapple Juice

5 ml Lime Juice

Small handful of Crushed Ice

125 ml Prosecco

Pineapple Slice to Garnish


Mix Rum and Pineapple Juice in an ice filled Shaker 

Pour into large Flute style glass

Top up with Chilled Prosecco

Add Wedge of Pineapple to garnish.

Spiced or White Rum - What's the difference?

White rum, has a light flavour and almost no colour. Spiced rum is aged for the same amount of time as black rum, but with the addition of spices to give it a sweet spiced flavour

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Popular White Rums

Probably the most famous white rum in the UK is Bacardi but there are many others with different characteristics, including Silver Moon – dedicated to saving Sea Turtles. 

Dedicated to saving Sea Turtles from Barbados and Jamaica

63% Overproof White Rum from Jamaica

Co-founded by Musician Kano - Jamaican rum

Venezuelan Aged White Rum

3yo White Barbados Rum

Popular Dark Rums

Captain Morgan or Lambs Navy Rum are the usual dark rums available in most UK bars, but there are many others with amazing flavours and aromas.

Some are way too nice and expensive to be mixed with

8 Year Old Reserve Finest Jamaica Rum

Award Winning Premium Rum - Aged for 12 Years

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